Our Story

BloodSweat Apparel is an inspirational T-Shirt company that is the brainchild of a husband and wife team from Illinois.  While preparing dinner we were discussing God's purpose for our lives as a unit. Our hearts were yearning for more than just working and paying bills (which with my husband's heart to provide, we were happy to do) We just did not feel like we were living out God's purpose for our lives.  We have a unique love story that spans back 20 years and we are only in our mid 30's.  Yes, we were high school sweethearts more like grammar school sweethearts.


During this conversation over dinner, we shared the many stories of how we have uplifted or inspired several people with our personal testimonies as well as our partnership.  It was then we knew what God's purpose was for us in this partnership, it's to uplift and inspire.  My husband is very into fashion keeping up with all of the latest fashion trends and my favorite fashion go-to are jeans and t-shirts so fashion was a no brainer for us.

One fall night at the dinner table in 2018 God put it on our hearts to inspire others via fashion by t-shirt branding. It was there that the dream of  BloodSweat Apparel was born.