20 Years In!


As the caption states we have been together 20 years and we are only in our Mid 30's. Yes we were high school sweethearts ❤❤❤ 20 years doesn't just happen without trials and tribulations.

We have chosen to walk with each other in this thing called life and it's not an easy choice to walk with someone through the storms when you can see the sunshine just to the right of you. Love can be kind and gentle it can also be Cruel and painful but you gotta work for it. You gotta be patient, understanding and humble.

We wanted to share some of the obstacles we have had to overcome choosing to fight for love for 20 years. Loss (parents, family, friends finances, shelter and each other) Separation (several times longest 3 years during which 1 of our 4 Beautiful children were conceived) Infidelity, Abuse (substance and physical) Health Decline (wife almost dies) High risk pregnancy (baby almost died, emergency c-section)

BUT GOD 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Marriage Stonger than its ever been, learned how to love healthily (submitted to god, and marriage Counseling) All 4 of our children have the same Mother & Father since birth (acceptance, love and meant it) Abuse (no longer exists) Homeowners, Buisness Owners (BloodSweat Apparel) Health (100% better, still here striving to get healthier everyday) Baby 100% Healthy celebrating 1st Birthday 07/13/2019

Throughout these 20 years God has had his hand on us! He never gave up on us even when we turned our backs on him! How did we overcome? We simply gave control back to God, we can't do it by ourselves. We are 2 imperfect people trying to survive in an imperfect world while serving a perfect God. We hope our story inspires you to know that life is going to happen you can't control it just give it to the one who has complete control our Lord and Savior.

God Bless!

Queen Barbara & King Jacorey Jenkins 😘😘 07/21/19 6 years Married, 21 Years choosing togetherness🥰🥰

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