Say No to Bullying/ God Got Me

Meet Our Son Leonta an amazing kid who is always happy and doesn't get upset easily! He loves Baseball and fortnite.

God Blessed him with a huge heart and amazing personality he opens his arms to any and everyone willing to make new friends.

Imagine how heartbroken he was when he entered a new school and embraced a young woman he thought was a friend she pretended to not only view him as a friend but pretend to want to date him. His entire Jr. High School Experience was ruined when she exposed all of their text messages and snaps to each other but only highlighting his parts and deleting hers.

This was followed by an unparalleled amount of harassment and bullying from the entire school so much so that we made the decision to completely remove him from the district and got little to no help from school officials only 1 officer who worked in the school came to his aid and defense.

After enduring this bullying for months not only during the day at school but after school and overnight via the #1 online bullying App Snap Chat! Leonta got a fresh start at a New School in a New District, became more active in church gave his life to Christ Getting Baptized last Year and Persevering to recently graduating JR. High this year class of 2019. His message to me was this Don't Worry Mom, GOD GOT ME 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Leonta's Hope is that his story inspires other victims of bullying to Trust in God and Know that God Turns Victims Into Victors!

Leonta's Dad: It’s hard to put in words how proud I am of my son,not all kids graduate top of the class not all kids are super popular, school doesn’t come easy to all kids. Some kids endure bullying, struggles with general studies, and at times feel ashamed to express there self with confidence. I love you son you are truly an inspiration to us , through all your ups and downs couldn’t no 1 stop you from flourishing. “Top of the top” on to the next level congratulations

Please visit our Social Medial Pages & to view the amazing courages video where Leonta sit's down and opens up about his bullying experience. We will upload the video to our blog very soon.

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God Got Me

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