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I started a series called Flaunt Your Faith to focus on God's Message that's associated with my Business BloodSweat Apparel. While in prayer with God I was deeply frustrated because I was not getting approved for social media advertisement. I was ready to give up on the entire business because I felt without social media I would not have a way to promote my business.

God revealed to me that instead of focusing on the business that I needed to focus on his message which was the sole reason he had given me the business idea. I started with sharing powerful testimonies of my family and friends and now that has escalated to ton's of inquiries where people want to open up about how god has been there for them.

I am on a quest where I want to be courageous enough to not be afraid or ashamed of my life's journey. I'm at a point in my life where I'm tired of pretending everything is fine when it's not. I'm tired of being a two-faced Christian meaning that in public I act like life is great and everything I experience in life is fine. I'm ready to take the mask off and expose my hardships, expose my struggles, expose my fears and weakness. Expose them by sharing them with the world, not to boast or brag but to encourage and inspire. I want to take the mask off and reveal to the world that It's perfectly O.K. not to be O.K. We don't have to pretend anymore let's go on a Journey of Unmasking our flaws a journey of Unmasking our lives, Unmasking our Hardships and Unmasking our Fears.

God Has Revealed to me that Flaunt your Faith is something that I need to share with the world outside of social media. That is how the Flaunt Your Faith Blog was Born. My hopes is that by sharing my testimonies and Other's that it will draw you closer to God and encourage you to be in relationship with him. To let you know that even in tough times you are not alone and prayerfully build a community where people from all over the world are brave enough to share their testimonies, stories, prayers and prayer requests with one another. By doing so I pray that we all rally around each other to uplift, inspire and support one another.

Thank you for taking this journey with me and I implore you to Flaunt Your Faith and above all else place God at his rightful position in your life. He is the Alpha and Omega, the King of All Kings. He is in complete control. Let go of the steering Wheel and give Control over to the one who control's everything.

God Bless,

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God Bless

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