From Street Hustler To Business Man!

People have a way of putting God 1st once they hit rock bottom.

Most fail to realize that God done protected you! God took you from the bottom, God got you that job, God keeping you and your family healthy. Don't use your blessings to mistreat anyone else. Don't forget where you came from. God will use you as an example to either put you back to the bottom or to lift you up to the top. Pray be Grateful and Give thanks for what you have.

I'm living proof I done slept in my van for a whole summer being stubborn and hustling. Hustling coke, weed, heroin or whatever I could make a quick profit on. It took me to hit rock bottom and realize that I can't be the biggest hustler on the street to find God.

Finding God made me realize how blessed I was and brought me back to my family. No matter how bad times is, or rough times get I know things could be much worse and I could be back where I started. I could be dead or in Prison.

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