This is What Mental Health Looks Like!

Flaunt your Faith!

This is My oldest Son Coreyone, he is the oldest of 4 and swears he does everything around the house. The shirt reads "you must be exhausted from watching me do everything" Actually it takes him 2 hours to wash dishes from the time he is asked to do so. However, he is an awesome big brother and I admit, he is the number 1 go to when we are in need of a babysitter!

He is such an inspiration to us because everyday we watch him beat every statistic labeled on a young African American Male! He does NOT have a criminal record. He does NOT have any children/ baby mommas, He is NOT in a gang or any criminal organization, He made it to see his 18th Birthday actually just turning 19 in June he GRADUATED High School getting all of his credits early in DECEMBER but waiting until May to walk the stage with his fellow classmates. He used his remaining time to encourage, motivate and helped a few of his friends who were struggling towards the end of the year, helping them to graduate on time.

I confess I got Angry at God when my Son was recently diagnosed with depression, after battling this mental disorder for many years myself, I prayed God would spare my children of this. I watched my son not only battle this diagnosis but overcome it refusing to be a statistic and now he knows how to manage it healthily without the use of medication. His motivation and willingness to focus on his talents given to him by God he continues to press forward and not be anyone's statistic. He plays several music instruments, creates and writes music, raps, is a self-made IT/Tech Genius and an amazing self-taught pastry chef not to mention a magnificent baseball player and skateboarder. Yes, God just sprinkled him with gifts. After taking a year off after high school to get his mental health in order and to find himself Coreyone will be starting College this fall!

Meet Coreyone

This is what a statistic looks like. This is what Mental Health looks like. This is what being born in poverty (Englewood, South Side of Chicago) looks like

This is what being born to teenage parents looks like. This is what it looks like when God Wins!

God Bless,

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