Walk by Faith not by Sight!

Flaunt Your Faith!

Meet Louis Malone. A former Carpenter who spent 50 years building houses. A little over 5 years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and his health quickly declined.

In addition to other health problems due to the diabetes within 2 years of his diagnosis he completely lost his vision.

Through it all his Faith in God has been unwavering he admits he sometimes gets frustrated with God and if he could have anything it would be his vision.

He believes god has his reasons and knows that even in those frustrating times and in those dark times God is his light and his strength. He says throughout all his battles he remains Thankful & Blessed for the gift of life!

He is such an inspiration to us at BloodSweat Apparel. His Trust and Faith in God is encouraging us to deepen our walk with Christ!

God Bless!

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